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Hot Specials


From £1.90 - £2.80

Tomato & Pancetta
Chunky vegetable & red lentil (v)

Roast of the day


Turkey with stuffing and cranberry on a soft vienna roll

Sandwich of the Week


Sweet chilli & lime chicken and jalapeno in a soft tortilla wrap

Today's Additional Sandwich Specials

From £3.95- £4.95

Gammon in mustard mayo
Cranford Deli- Pastrami, turkey, gherkin, onion in a wholegrain mustard mayo dressing
Jerk Chicken
On Our Hot Plate

Todays Hot Mains

From £4.95 - £5.25

Sausage & mushrooms with BBQ sauce and mozzarella wrap
Mushroom, peppers & onion with sweet chilli sauce & mozzarella wrap
Both served with salad & coleslaw
Cafe Specials



Whole-tail Breaded Scampi, served with a wedge of Lemon, Tartare Sauce, Peas & Chips

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