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From £2.30 - £2.80

Chicken Country Vegetable
Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato (v)

Roast of the day


Sandwich of the Month


Our Festive Panini * with, if you'd like it, cranberry sauce and gravy, served with a side of french fries and a mince pie!!
*Freshly roasted turkey, bacon, sausage, mayo & stuffing

Today's Additional Sandwich Specials

From £3.95- £5.00

Aromatic Thai Roast Pork
Chicken Tikka Mayo
Sweet Chilli & Lime Chicken
BBQ Jack fruit
On Our Hot Plate

Todays Hot Mains

From £5.50

Chicken & Bacon Caesar Hot tortilla wrap.
served with salad & coleslaw
Posh Finger Finger butty on a bap with Tartare Sauce & Lettuce

Loaded Veggie Cajun Wedges, topped with BBQ Jack fruit, Jalapenos & Mozarella
Don't forget you can also order any dish from our Café menu!

Cafe Specials



Our Festive Panini * is available until 24th December!
Served with a side of Cranberry Sauce, a jug of gravy, and French Fries.
Followed by a mince pie.
*Freshly roasted turkey, bacon, sausage, mayo & stuffing

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